Need for speed

Last week was one hell of a week for me and possibly the lowest I have felt all year. I’m not sure why I’ve felt so sensitive to comments that I would normally brush off or so insecure about my job but it’s been there and it’s been hard to shake. Thank gosh for Mr X though and his motivation to take us out Go-karting on Saturday. He prepared the karts, packed the trailer and drove us 20 minutes to the track just so I could get behind the wheel.

I love driving. I love being in control and I love the adrenalin rush when I speed around a corner and I can feel the kart slip a little beneath me. I’m still a bit wary of going too fast around the bends but when I hit the straight I always floor it and like clockwork I’m thrown back into my seat.

I could have sped around that track until my tank ran dry that day but my kart had other ideas so I came into pit. Mr X greeted me with a head tilt and questioning body language. I waved him over to show him the problem.

“My brake is loose – see?” I demonstrated, removing my foot from the pedal and watching it swing loosely downward.

It could have been fixed there and then but the sun was beating down on me and I was sweating profusely in my race suit so we pushed the beast back to the undercover work areas so I could get a drink.

“I was having a good time out there too. Typical.” I commented, pulling off my helmet and sighing aloud.

Oh gosh that breeze on my face feels so nice…

“Well, I’ll get this fixed and you can go back out if you want…”

“No, it’s okay. You have a go and I’ll take a break.”

I was feeling fairly relaxed at this point anyway and I was distracted enough to mostly of forgotten about my crappy week as well. I pulled out my phone and recorded some footage of Mr X scooting around the track and played with it in iMovie. When Mr X pitted, he filled up my tank again so I could enjoy a few more laps before the track closed. Although this is one of the most expensive hobbies I’ve partaken in, its hands down the most rewarding one. For one its heaps of fun throwing a kart around a track and two, it’s fucking challenging to learn how to do it well. I haven’t had this much fun with a hobby since I used to skate and I honestly could see myself trading all my free time for hours at the track.

“I need to teach you how to use apex’s. You drive your kart like you drive your car.”

I laughed and then gave Mr X one of my If looks could kill glares

“Well. Yeah – it’s the only way I know how to drive.” I sulked.

“I’ll have to walk you around the track and show you where your drive line needs to be.” He replied, squeezing my leg encouragingly.

“Yeah that might work cuz I need to figure out how to go faster…”

Cuz, I got the need. The need for speed.

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