The week that was

I had plans to get stuff done at home last week and so I took the week off. I wanted to work on my project management module, paint a room, mow the yard and catch up on my reading. You know, the usual kind of stuff.

As luck – my damn luck – would have it I got the flu two days into my holidays so my list of tasks were turfed right out the window. I figured I could still paint the room though since the house was cooler than outside and painting requires no real thinking on my part.

I was really set on getting this job done too because I needed to open up space for my study nook and the Christmas tree. The thing is enormous but worth the effort in putting it up and decorating it. I’m strangely really looking forward to the silly season this year and am wanting to put the extra effort in.

Since I decided on the painting job I had to get my ass into gear and pick up supplies. Mostly just paint because Mr X has tonnes of brushes and rollers in the shed. I sort of had an idea of what type of paint to get but I thought it best to text Mr X and confirm my assumptions.

“Acrylic water based? Low sheen?”

“All of the above. And a new roller too if you want.”

I didn’t want actually so I ignored that and instead sent pictures of the colour samples through and asked him for his opinion on them. I thought the blue was very out there but I liked it.

“As long as the other colour is a light grey it should be fine.”

Paint (and free jelly beans) in tow I headed home and immediately got sidetracked by deciding on The King & I as background noise. It was the version starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fat and I’d never seen it before and unsurprisingly I immediately loved it!

“How’s the painting going?”

“Umm just having a rest before I start!” Liar.

When I did get to it, it took me the best part of the week to paint that room. Mostly because it was stinking hot and I was trying not to push my already exhausted body. Besides painting gets tedious after the second coat and

When I started on the blue wall I immediately texted Mr X with my worries.

“I’ve just done the first coat of the blue and I really, really don’t like it.”

“It doesn’t look too bad…” He commented after I sent a picture “ will look better after a second coat.”

Mr X helped here and there when he was home and available but I painted most of the walls myself – first in undercoat and then in top coat which is like four coats of paint. Mr X suggested using white gloss paint on the cornice, skirting boards and architraves – and he has a good eye so I went with it.

The finished room looks good. Not professional painter good but home renovator good which I kinda expect for my first painting job.

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