Christmas Wishlist 2014


As a child Christmas was always a really exciting time of the year for me. The whole not really knowing what you will find under the tree and trying to find your hidden gifts in your parents bedroom was always a highlight but as an adult Christmas is a little overrated. Sure it’s still fun putting up the decorations and the tree but the presents – you can normally just buy whatever you want without waiting for the festive season to come around.

Regardless, I still find it fun to write out a wish list and plug all the stuff that I presently love/want. Who doesn’t love that?

1.  Wacom graphics tablet & pen – Even though I’m pursuing a career in Engineering I still enjoy playing around with design and this would be a welcome addition to my home.

2. The Blaster by Nixon – I’m constantly wanting to listen to music without headphones and surprise, surprise – there’s no stereo in sight. This would be the perfect solution to this problem.

3. The Walking Dead Monopoly – Although I love the good ole classic I definitely could do with this version of the game. Are you with me?

4. GHD Paddle Brush – Definitely due for a new hairbrush and I’ve heard good things about this one.

5. Moroccan rosewater face mist from Arganlife – Love using this on the run, when I’m too lazy to moisturize.

6. DeLonghi Nespresso Capsule Coffee Machine – My body and my taste buds seems to love capsule coffee more than bean coffee. This could work.

7. Merlot 1 Drawer Desk – For when I get my study nook back I really want a proper desk and I love the look of this one.

8. Shiki Yuzen Tea Set – Although I do love a good cup of coffee, I equally love a good cup of tea and this tea set is such a simple yet lovely design. Me want!

Have you written up your Christmas wish list? If so what’s on it?

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