Why I don’t celebrate the American version of Halloween


1. It’s not my kind of tradition – Halloween, the Celtic version, was about honouring your dead ancestors during the time when it was thought that the wall between the spirit world and living world was at it’s thinnest thus allowing all the ghosts and ghouls to be seen. To trick the harmful spirits from visiting their home families would disguise themselves in scary costumes. Now how the hell did the American version evolve from this tradition to one where it was open slather with “cute” costumes – enter the Snow Whites, Alice in Wonderlands and Bunny rabbits here – whilst door knocking the neighbourhood for candy is kind of beyond me.

2. It’s all kinds of boring – Dressing up in cheesy looking costumes and begging for sweets is not that interesting after you’ve done it once. I would much prefer to embrace the festival of the dead like they do in Mexico where you celebrate the lives of the departed with parades and parties in the street, decorated graves and lighting candles for the dead in remembrance. How beautiful would that be!

3. It’s not healthy – With so many obese people in Australia do we really need another holiday that encourages our children to eat badly? Our health system is under so much pressure due to our chosen diets and that to me is just not right. I’d rather forgo pigging out on bad halloween candy and eat my salad, in front of children mind you, instead.

4. Not to mention the creepy individuals out there – Ok so your not going to allow your children out at night to trick or treat alone but I can’t help but worry about a strangers lacing candy with something not so nice and someone ending up sick over it. Plus I was always taught not to accept lollies from people I didn’t know and here is a holiday that encourages it – how backward!

5. It is commercial – So you want to celebrate this kind of halloween then you first need to get yourself a Costume ($$), and some Candy ($) for those kiddies and of course you have to make the house look as scary for those visitors so better get some decorations for the house ($$$). Granted you could make it all yourself but who the hell has those kind of supplies just laying around? It’s money getting spent either way and I personally would rather spend it on other things.

Which would you rather celebrate – American Halloween or Festival of the dead?

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