Me time


Thanks to the labour day holiday on Monday, it was a long weekend for me. I probably should have jumped in my car and took it for a spin down the beach but I instead caught up on some things that have fallen on the wayside such as clearing out my closet and trying out beauty products. I tried out a sunless bronzer for the first time and thankfully it doesn’t smell awful. The results were quite fabulous but it’s quite runny so I had to use a little at a time to avoid making a mess – is this what all bronzers are like?

My new phone is finally on its way and I’m pretty stoked about that. There’s been quite a bit of BS making its way around the interwebs about the new iPhone bending in your pocket and pulling your hair when you put it up near your ear but I kinda just don’t care. Most of the people bitching about these new phones are probably the ones who started the rumours to begin with. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a ploy by one of Apples competitors to try to impact their sales. I find it amusing watching the trolls whine and complain – so sorry no one lined up for days for your gadget!

Mr X has been building a room in our house so we had to declutter a bit as well as move some furniture. This also meant I lost my “desk” (a secondhand dining table that we inherited from Mr X’s parents) and my study space. It’s a temporary situation but nevertheless I needed some desk space the other day and started using the bedroom vanity which Mr X restored for me and it’s fucking perfect for somewhere to sit. I don’t think it’s a permanent solution but it felt kinda cool to be sitting there, writing up a blog post, sipping on my cup of tea…

Fingers crossed I get my study nook back soon!

Oh and apparently I no longer fit into my favourite pair of skinny jeans, at least not in the way that I can call them skinny jeans any longer. I’ve lost some weight, not a significant amount but enough to make my clothes a little looser and although I’m happy to be toning up it also means I’m running out of clothes to wear and I’m not ready to shop for new clothes yet! Le Sigh – #firstworldproblems


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