Stay the course


I have been studying so hard this year that I had forgotten what it is like to have no new study material before me. University has finished up for this year and although I’m signing up for a new Project Management course in the not so distant future those assessments are less intense and are not graded as such.

I don’t think I can express how relieved I am about having no more Uni work for the rest of this year because I am damn well worn out. I feel pretty passionate about this Engineering degree and so much so that I want to do so well in every single course that is involved. It’s not just about getting high distinctions because they are great marks to show off, for me it’s about knowing how to figure stuff out, learning the material and understanding how to achieve this all by myself.

My ultimate goal is to know what the fuck I am doing and what I am talking about when it involves Engineering. I’m not interested nor will I ever be on receiving a free pass in this career of mine. I want to know that if I succeed or move up the ladder that I did so on my own merits and my own will power.

And that is why I study so hard. That is why I strive to achieve the best possible mark in every single assignment. Not because of the mark itself but because of what it represents.  If I can get high marks in each course and I learn all of that material all on my own than I will know within myself that I have the capacity to learn anything new that comes up and thus won’t be reliant on others if there is no-one there to help me.

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