Wash, rinse, dry and repeat

My life lately has been an endless cycle of only sleeping, working, eating and studying. There has been no room (no time) for gym, tv show marathons, lazy weekends…. It kinda sucks.

The last of my CAD course assignments is due next week but I still have heaps of work to do on them. We are to draw a number of components in 3D when put together will create a stock bracket. Then we need to show an exploded view and an assembly view of the stock bracket, as well as a 2D wireframe of the stock bracket with dimensions included AND THEN we need to supply wireframe drawings of the stock support bracket base and support roller bracket.

Sounds easy enough but learning to draw objects in 3D takes time, a lot of thinking and some clever tricks. Not to mention that you need to be precise about measurements otherwise it’s not so easy to fix.

So yeah I have a tonne of work to do for my last assignment such as the thrust bearing and adjusting screw parts before I can even start on the rest of the assignment questions. I’m not sure how long it takes to convert drawings to 2D using solview, soldraw commands etc as I haven’t “practiced” on any solid objects but I’m hoping there’s is not a lot to it if it’s done right.

I also have to complete my folio – worth no marks but still must be done to pass – and so there’s 8 more drawings to piss me off.

I’m really trying not to stress over whether I will get this assignment and folio done but it’s hard. Instead of focusing on how far behind I am I’m going to concentrate on smashing out my folio drawings and leave the rest of the weekend to do my assignment.

Fingers crossed that I get this done!

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