The Gift

I love freebies. I have a hard time turning a freebie down when I see one or am offered one, especially if it comes with no strings attached. So I was a little surprised this morning on my early morning commute in my car to hear the radio announcer dissing Apple for giving her (and every iTunes account holder) a free copy of U2’s album.

“But I don’t even like U2! It’s not the kind of music I listen to and if I’m cleaning my house and I put my iPhone into the dock, I want to listen to upbeat music. I’ll be totally put off if U2 came on!”

Honestly. I think I lost a few brain cells listening to her explanation of why she’s so pissed off with Apple for putting music on her iPhone. Can someone please show her how to remove the offensive band from her device before her brain haemorrhages?

But seriously – WTF? Why the hell are people mad about getting a FREE album?! Ok so it’s not your type of music but who the hell cares because YOU didn’t pay for it. It was a gift and any person with some manners, who doesn’t want the gift, would simply say “Thank you Apple.” and delete it from their device.

You do know you can do that, don’t you?

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