Wing it

(Image credit: The Keep Calm-o-matic)
(Image credit: The Keep Calm-o-matic)

The Engineer asked me to do up a drawing in AutoCad the other day and although he didn’t make a big deal of it I had a feeling  he was trying to test me – to see if I was capable to doing it without taking forever and a day. The equipment I needed to draw had been roughly sketched out with a few of the measurements included but for rest he wanted me to improvise their measurements.

In my first assignment of Engineering Drafting I had to do the exact same thing in AutoCad. The assignment required me to draw a swivel bearing housing and for most part the measurements were included in the plan but some were not. It kind of threw me for awhile because I see drawing in AutoCad as a way to draw something how it actually is so to do that I need all the measurements. I remember agonising over improvising the measurements that weren’t included and wasting so much time over it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be as indecisive with this drawing as I had been in my Uni assignment because when the boss asks for something you just do it or worse luck he will do it himself, making you feel inefficient. So I threw myself into working with what I had and kept my improvised measurements rounded off numbers to make it “tidy”.

The first draft of the drawing took me all up a few hours to complete, probably longer than it should of, but I did it. My second and third drafts were much easier to manage and change because I had my basic outline and only needed to adjust sizes of some details and add some others. Overall it was a pretty fun experience to just be thrown that in my lap and I would not be surprised if some date in the future I will have to measure up an object myself, sketch it and draw it in AutoCad.

I think I could seriously do that.

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