Good riddance

An exert from the Day One journal….

The LH is getting cocky in his final days at work. Cocky and mean actually. Ever since I first started this job this guy has done nothing but undermine me and talk shit about me behind my back. I’m not sorry he’s leaving and I’m not alone.

“You think it’s hard to get work orders back now, just wait till after this week..” He announces, chuckling under his breath whilst grinning broadly at me.

I shrugged my shoulders and return to eating my lunch. There is no point responding to his words as he is only trying to bait me. I only have to get through this week and then he’s gone. If luck is on my side I will never have to work around this person again.

The thing is I don’t think the place is going to fall apart as much as he thinks it will without his presence. He may contribute to the running of the workshop but he isn’t the only one that does. He is going to be disappointed when he hears how the workshop flourishes without his presence.

Goodbye to

– Trivializing my job description – because he could never hack that I got the planner job to begin with. Jealous much?

– Backstabbing, derogatory comments towards me, towards others and insulting my intelligence. Look who’s doing Uni punk head – certainly not YOU

– His lack of respect for women in general. Thinking women can’t work in an Engineering field successfully as men and that I don’t “belong” here.

– Not having to take another call from his wife who needs to learn some phone etiquette. (I’m not sure what bullshit her husband has said to her but regardless she needs to learn how to be nice if she wants messages passed on)

– Trying to take credit for how much money I’m paid when it had nothing to do with him. If they wanted a planner with a Uni degree and a trade they would of had to pay them twice as much as my annual wage.

Friday is going to be a good day.

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