Nose to the grindstone

Work for me this week was crazy, crazy  busy.

I’ve been adding some extra preventative maintenance plans to our system which requires reviewing the work requirements, writing up task descriptions and editing supporting CAD drawings. The drawing part is not that difficult but it is time-consuming and although I’m still not proficient with AutoCad, I do have the basics to fall back on.

A number of  the drawings that I’m editing haven’t been setup correctly (at least not the way that I’ve been taught) so I’m trying to fix them up so that they will plot correctly with the updated title block whilst also juggling the new drawings I need to add to our system. It’s a little messy trying to fix up someone else’s drawing so in some cases the best thing I can do will be to copy drawings into new templates – once I figure out the right way to do that that is.

Did I mention it feels hella good to be using a course to my benefit for a change?! Sure the other Engineering courses were relevant and useful in their own way but I only use that information randomly but drawing, I will be doing that a few times a week because other than the Engineer, or the company draftsman (at another site who has more important things to do), there is no-one else to do these drawings. Mine!

So I’ve been doing that as well as my daily jobs such as work orders, updating the asset register, ensuring parts have been ordered for jobs, following up on said parts, reports and filing. It’s amazing how quickly the work hours pass when you have so many things going on but I’m actually managing it really well and the more the work piles on, the calmer I get.

Even so I really need the break from work and asked the boss for a few days off next week. Fuck knows how I’ve done it but once again I’m behind in my Uni stuffs – I’m studying CAD this term – and I really, really need to play catchups if I hope to achieve a good grade.

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