I’m positively freezing this Winter and finding it hard to get motivated outside of daylight hours since our house is so cold.

We seriously need to do something about it but we are kind of limited by time constraints right now so I’m looking into alternatives. Ideally I’d like to redo the outside of the house with new sheets of hardiplank and fill the gaps between the inside and outside walls with some sort of insulation material. I think one side of the house would take at least a couple of days to complete if all runs smoothly. However its really cold here at night so having a tarp between you and the elements – definitely not a smart idea. Summer it will be!

In the meantime I just have to do something to try and warm our home up and I believe a lot of heat we are loosing is through our windows so I’m going to buy a few sets of new, thicker curtains to cover them up and eliminate any gaps in doors and window framework where the cold air can seep through.

Despite it being so damn cold I’m still enjoying the weather and the beauty that it brings. We live up in the mountains so most mornings when I’m driving to work I’m greeted by a thick blanket of fog that doesn’t even shift with the rising of the sun and as I descend down the mountain it looks like a lake has filled up the valley. It’s really pretty but unfortunately I don’t have time to stop and take pictures. Yet.

We are also giving the slow cooker a workout most nights with rich beef and vegetable stews so we can take the leftovers to work the next day. Nothing like freshly buttered bread and hot stew when the wind is blowing a gale outside.

2 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. I agree – it’s freezing. I’ve been thinking of ways to keep our warm in as well, although I don’t have tarp anywhere. I do have lots of windows and doors where the cool air seeps in. Hopefully, the cold snap won’t last too long. This is my first Australian winter for ten years, so I can’t be sure.

    1. Well it’s normally this cold where I live but I’m really feeling it this year for some odd reason.

      If it’s really bad in the mornings I’ll jump on the exercise bike and do enough k’s to warm up and then jump off again -ha ha!

      I’m trying not to complain too much about Winter however because it’s better than Summer and temperatures close to 40 degree C!

      Good luck at keeping warm in the meantime!

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