Time flies

Days like these – when I have a full schedule of study, work, gym and training – are passing way too quickly. It feels like only yesterday that it was the beginning of May and now we are getting closer to the middle of June. What the hell?!?

I’ve been drowning in assignments these past 6 weeks, barely keeping my head above water, hoping I’ve show enough skill to gain good marks. I feel so weak from it that after I submitted my last Engineering drafting assignment and I moved onto the ones for TAFE, I almost gave up. There is not much support in that class and granted there isn’t much in the Uni classes either but at least I can understand what to do when it comes to Uni assignments – questions, case studies and suggested reading are well written and relevant. As for the TAFE course information – It’s a jungle out there! Scenarios are not well scripted, not informative and most of the time you have to invent information that should be rightfully included.

I thought about getting angry about it, rant and rave a little while to make myself feel better but I seriously don’t have the energy. I just want to get through these electives and rest up before I start the next Uni course – AutoCad – in July. I feel a mixture of dread and excitement about this class because I’m still such a newbie when it comes to that program yet I have enjoyed what I have learnt so far.

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