It’s welfare – not a career opportunity

The treasurer handed down the budget the other night and although I was interested in hearing the news I decided to wait till the next day for the highlights.

I didn’t vote for the LNP and after that stupid work choices all those years ago I never will but what I will say about this budget is that I am happy with the huge cuts to welfare payments – it’s been a long time coming. Of course these cuts to the dole do not suit everyone, majority of the people up in arms are stay at home parents with children who more or less depend on welfare to pay their bills.

I’m not sure if it’s only me but I think some people have become a little too dependant on the welfare system and what once was meant to be a system that helped supplement your income when you had a child (or two or three) so you could raise them till they finished school, has now turned into a way for some women to be broodmares and earn a wage instead. It was a stupid idea to begin with – paying people thousands of dollars when they conceived a child not to mention irresponsible of the government to continue to let it happen even till this day.

Having a child is a life time sacrifice and it doesn’t (nor shouldn’t) end when that child moves out of home. It costs an enormous amount of money to raise a child not  to mention a lot of time and I think a lot of people have forgotten that with all this money being thrown around. Ideally all parents would love to be sitting at home, raising their children all through their school years but it’s just not viable (nor fair) for those people who are working their asses off and paying taxes to be footing the bill till the youngest child is 18. I think once a child starts school it’s only fair that the stay at home parent go out and make an effort to re-enter the work force and if not for the taxpayers who have supported them then they should at least do it for themselves.