Daily life commitments are keeping me busy these days and although I enjoy not being stationary, I also find it annoying that somehow my schedule became filled with so much stuff.

I know I signed up for Uni and TAFE and SES and even the gym but then I got slowed down by my low energy levels and then TAFE decided to change the structure of the Project Management course – forcing me to study two subjects instead of just one – and then the people running our SES training decided to shovel a bucket load of training on me, module after module after module and now I’m just pissed off.

I’m not the type of person who needs nor enjoys a full schedule and I don’t understand how some people will commitment all their waking hours to some form of obligation. I need downtime and me time and time to do whatever the fuck that I want at least a couple of hours a day otherwise I just become quite agitated and bitchy. Not the sort of person that you want to socialise with.

Unfortunately with all these changes my free time is being squeezed to damn death and you know what? So has my threshold for tolerating lazy people, mean people, people who ignore you when you say hello and how are you and people who just plain well ignore you because they believe that you are beneath them. Seriously! – if a person emails you some information is it really too hard to type a thank you in return? And if you pass someone for the first time that day is it really too much to greet them?

But on the upside of this whole “I’ve got too many commitments that I can’t quit” issue I am getting better at organising my time, I’ve also stopped being such a perfectionist when submitting assignments and I’ve even saved a little cash because I’ve been too busy to spend it! Crazy.