What’s up Doc?

I should have known something wasn’t quite right with me when I’d go to the gym, do my work out and want a nap afterward. Exercising after work would normally pick me up but for the past few weeks (or more) I’ve been exhausted by it. Unfortunately I ignored it, thinking I just needed more sleep – a luxury this Uni student couldn’t afford.

But then I started to not be able to focus of my Uni work and then I started to forget stuff I’d only learnt the previous week and then I started to lose my shit over insignificant stuff.

“Stress. You need to learn how to organise yourself when you study and work full-time.” Answered the doctor when I explained what was going on.

And then she went into this story about what it was like when she was studying to become a doctor and how stressful it was and blah, blah, blah. I nodded politely at her but on the inside I could feel myself getting irritated by the way she seemed to be blowing me off.

“But I do all that. I have a wall planner. I know what work to do each week to stay on track but I can’t focus on it. I keep forgetting what I’ve learnt.”

“And you need to learn how to relax – sometimes you just have to stop studying because your brain is full of information already and it needs time to relax to absorb more.”

“Yep and I’m doing that too but it still doesn’t help me refocus on my work.”

This statement did nothing but encourage her to continue on with her own story of how she dealt with stress.

“Oh my fucking god – shut up about you! I’m here to talk about me!” I screamed inside my head whilst smiling politely on the outside. I could feel that my patience was running a little thinner each time she kept blowing me off but I didn’t want to lose my shit here so I interrupted her.

“Yeah I know that stress maybe some of the problem but believe me I know I’m not normally like this.”

“Oh, well lets have a look at your medical file to see.”

“Yeah I’ve only been here for the past 10 minutes already, let’s look at my medical file – already!”

“It seems that you’ve had problems with your thyroid in the past – I think I will send you off to get blood tests for that as well as – “

“Oh thank fuck for that.”

So it turns out my iron levels are quite low (in their 30′s) which could be the problem. When I’m tired I’m usually a grouch with a capital G but usually this tiredness is only reserved for night, just before I go to bed, so I can see why I might be losing my shit if I was constantly tired, all day. I’ve been on the iron supplements for a week and a half now but I have noticed a difference in how I am now – more patient, less irritated – when I study but I still feel quite exhausted after a work out. I also do not have the patience to deal with people who irritate me on purpose but I don’t get angry at them instead I laugh about it – that’s a definite improvement there.