No place like home


I’ve got to say as much as I enjoy getting out of town and seeing a different place every now and again nothing else compares to coming home and sleeping once more in my own bed.

The house we rented for the long weekend was a renovated queenslander situated smack down in the middle of the city. Close to public transport and not far from a bunch of trendy cafés and restaurants. It was all very nice but I was so strung out from my first assignment submission that instead of breakfasting at one of these places I chose somewhere which would give me the comforts of home in the form of bacon, fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs on toast.

“Could you ever think of living here?”

I was actually in the middle of thinking that exact thing that Mr X’s question caught me a little off guard. Being an old city boy himself he didn’t mind the hustle and bustle of city life. Me on the other hand I was exhausted.

“I don’t know. It’s so expensive here. Paid parking is a bitch and the cost of using public transport is no better. How could you afford to buy a house here?! The prices are crazy!”

“Well you wouldn’t live in the city itself you’d buy in the suburbs. There’s heaps of electrical jobs here and they pay fairly well too.”

I nodded my head understanding what he was saying but in my head I was adding up the logical steps that would need to be made to make it happen. Firstly we would have either sell or rent our current home, secondly I would have to find a new job that paid as well as my current one so I could contribute equally to the weekly bills and thirdly we would need to find a new home which would be twice as expensive to purchase as this one. And for what? Just so we could live in a big city, be close to all the big shops and entertainment venues so more money could be spent?

As much as I like visiting a city that contains millions of residents the idea of living in it is less appealing. I enjoy being wowed by the largeness of these places, the architecture, the landmarks and the choices that are available to you but in the end I love coming back to large open spaces, minimal traffic and no toll roads.

“No. I don’t think I could imagine living here. I like home. I miss home. I can’t wait to be home. “