The past week and a half has been a little bit crazy for me though things have now slowed down thank fuck. My first drawing assignment is due on Monday and I’ve been madly working on my freehand sketches – learning how to draw objects in oblique and isometric view, tearing my hair out in the process. In the end it is quite satisfying when I finally end up with a sketch that I am pleased about producing especially when I know where I started from. Before I couldn’t even draw a straight line with a rule but now I can sketch a plan view into a 3D object.

Today however was my cutoff day to have all of Assignment 1 drawings finished and ready for submission because in true Miss Y fashion I decided to plan a small getaway the weekend before it’s due date. Yeah, you would think I would know better by now but clearly I don’t.

Actually the getaway is sort of essential because my brother is celebrating a significant milestone this year and both Mr X and I are invited to his party. It’s themed ‘dress for the eighties’ and of course it is because my sibling is a loon but I haven’t had time to even think about what I’ll be wearing to it. I’m hoping to drop into an op shop when we get there so I can find something suitable to turn into a costume.

Besides the party Mr X and I don’t have a set list of ‘things to do’, whilst we are in the big smoke. I’d like to hit the beach, the shops, take our RC cars out for a drive and explore the city but I’m taking a relaxed approached to it because all I’ve been doing lately is scheduling my time so it will be nice not to do that for a week.