Tick Tock

(Image credit: Wallpapers wide)

I’m not sure where the time is going but I’m not wasting any of it. I signed up for 3 courses this term – two in Project Management and one in Engineering – and every moment that I have spare I am studying/juggling the course load by setting daily and weekly goals and it seems to be working. My folio of drawings is building and my Project Management assessments are gradually being answered. I’m a lot better prepared for what to expect this year of study and am testing my limits. My Engineering drawing class is not overly intense and therefore my brain is not overloaded with information. However, there are a number of freehand sketches I need to complete for assignments and my folios which easily chew up the hours so I have to watch the clock instead.

And if that is not enough to keep me busy Mr X and I have also joined a gym – a first for me but not for Mr X.

Now i’ll be the first to admit that at first the idea of visiting a gym appalled me since I would have to work out in front of a bunch of strangers but after a month of doing so I’ve grown used to it and now enjoy it. I have a routine which helps me to zone out and I also have my workout playlists if I desperately need it. Most of the time I just listen to the music playing in background of the centre as I plan out the following days to-do list inside my head.

So between work, school and gym I sure feel like I have a full schedule. Good thing planning is my day job.