A class to look forward to

engineering drawing
(Image: http://www.leonardoda.vinci.org)

After weighing up my work and personal schedules this term I’ve decided to settle on only one Uni class – Engineering drawing. It should be a good class since I’ll be learning to sketch engineering components and plans but whats more awesome is being able to download my own copy of AutoCad onto my MacBook and not rely on using a copy on the Uni server. Sweet! 

I’ve always been a little fascinated with technical drawings – both sketches or computer drawn – and a little envious of people who could create them because I sometimes struggle to draw a straight line – even with a rule. My own drawing background is quite limited. Mostly sketches of horses, comic book characters, landscapes – but it’s been an age since I’ve done those. These days my focus has shifted in wanting to produce drawings that have a purpose. In their odd way they are quite beautiful.

(Image: Source unknown)
(Image: Source unknown)

So I’ve already made a some head way into this new class by already downloading the tasks for week 1 – which I’ve half completed, printing copies of all future assignments questions and entering the assignment submission dates into my phone calendar.

All of this planning must mean that I’m a little (read a lot) excited to study Engineering drawing and I am but to be truly honest I’m just trying to begin this class as organised as possible so that things will run smoothly till the end. I’ve heard from previous students that this class can become a bit full on with all the drawing requirements and the last thing I want is to become overwhelmed with too many practicals needing to be completed all at once.