In it’s place

(Photo credit: Birch and Bird)
(Photo credit: Birch and Bird)

Weekends at home are much more productive when Mr X is here. When he is not I’m rather prone to watching too much TV, eating too much chocolate and drooling over pictures on Pinterest. The only exception to this layback approach is when there are Uni assignments to complete or house hold chores to be done but since I have a few weeks before I have to deal with all the fun trappings of studying again I’m trying to utilise my free time as productively as possible. Which is why come a rainy Saturday morning, after a leisurely stroll through Bunning’s, we found ourselves at home emptying our storage room.

“How in the hell did we manage to accumulate so much crap?”

The crap I was referring to was an assortment of items which Mr X and myself accrued over the years from our shared housing arrangement – a side effect of two households merging into one. It first started with  an extra microwave, kettle, toaster, dinner set and glasses but over the years the storage cupboard had turned into the dumping ground for items such as paint tins,  old computers, brewing equipment – just to name a few.

“So what are the containers for?”

Whilst we were at Bunning’s I picked up  three, 64 litre storage containers. One to pack all the unused crockery and glassware into and the other two to pack everything else which didn’t need to be accessed all the time.  The reason I wanted to use sealed containers was to avoid any type of pest getting in there and messing up our stuff whilst it was packed away. The other reason I chose plastic containers (of a solid colour) is because they look much neater sitting on a shelf rather than mismatched cardboard boxes.

So as it rained outside Mr X and I dug into it. I’ve mentioned before that Mr X is the best packer so as  helped him wrap up the glassware I left it to him to pack it as he saw fit and once that was done we quickly smashed the other two containers together as none of it was breakable. The final job was to give the storage area a once over with the vacuum cleaner and then it was done.

It was immensely satisfying to get that part of the house organised and afterward, when I laid on the couch and opened up my laptop, I felt content to laze around for the rest of the afternoon.