Things iLoved about January


Sherlock! – what a bloody marvellous series and fantastic cast of actors! // and appreciating the hell out of my car’s air conditioner which was broken for 6 days during temperatures between 35 to 39 degrees celsius // Rediscovering Instagram // and listening to some old tunes by David Gray (This Year’s Love & The One I Love) // and some newer ones by A Great Big World (Say Something) & The Fray (Love Don’t Die) // Finishing module 1 of Cert IV in Project Management // New make-up samples from Adorn Cosmetics // Nixon arm candy (Yeah I totally bought the expensive watch but at a good discount) // Hot Summer days where I can swim in our very own pool (Ok so it’s only temporary but still – fabulous!)  // Getting better at thinking on my feet at work // and throwing ideas to work colleagues on how to improve a process