Fudge it

I’ve sort of been avoiding anything related to study lately and that includes writing about it. Not because I don’t enjoy studying – because I still do – but because I have this stupid Project module hanging over my head and this last section (a scope statement and work breakdown structure which is worth 5%) is bothering me. I just want to be done with it already but I’m procrastinating.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult to put this thing together but the scenario brief confuses me. The “project” involves creating a national training program for government employees but as the “contractor” I’m to meet items in the criteria when writing out my scope statement and work breakdown structure but none of this information is included in the scenario so am I to make this up or am I to ignore it altogether? I’m also to include budgeting information on said project but once again, not exactly my area of expertise so it will require research that I’m really doubting is worth that 5%.

The “project” before this one was a kitchen renovation for which I needed to write up a project charter, scope statement and WBS. To make things easier I typed the work schedule up in Microsoft Project and from this spreadsheet I worked out all my budgeting and milestone information and from that point on the rest of the assessment just fell into place.  But writing up that work schedule took time and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do the same for this latest “project” since they are only asking for a sub-total for each phase, however I still need an idea of what the plan is for my work breakdown structure so I keep wondering maybe I do need to do it.

After mulling it over for an afternoon last week I shot off an email to the course trainer asking for further clarification on the brief but maybe she’s busy or maybe she’s just plain ignoring me because I’m still yet to hear from her so it looks like I will be fudging figures and hoping for the best.

So over it.