Australian’s Summers are always hot affairs and this year has been no exception. The Sunday before New years temperatures soared well above 40 degrees celsius and it was fucking ridiculous. A person cannot think straight when it is that hot and sticky and humid let alone drink under those conditions and since I planned on having a few alcoholic beverages on New years day I knew something had to be done.

“What do you think about getting a blow up swimming pool and setting it up in the shed?” I asked Mr X. To which he raised a eyebrow in reply.

“No really!, what do you think about this one?” I said pushing my iPhone toward him to show him the 10ft round, 30 inches deep monster on my screen. He scrolled through the pictures and started to nod his head.

“How much?”

“Only a hundred bucks…. ”

Upon hearing this Mr X’s face lit up with a smile.

“How cool would it to be to spend New Years day in the shed with the TV, the BBQ, the stereo and a swimming pool?”

Cool. Very, very cool.