Thanks for happening 2013

I always enjoy the time between Christmas and New years, it’s as if time moves a little slower and people are more relaxed. No-one seems to be in a hurry to get stuff done and that suits me just fine. Overall the year of 2013 has been  pretty good to me. I still have a great paying job, a roof over my head, Mr X and family who make me happy and although I didn’t define any goals I wanted to achieve during the past year I still found some interesting developments.

What happened in 2013…

1. I started taking better care of my skin

This year I have been really conscious of my skin and what I’ve been subjecting it to in years gone past. A couple of years ago I started to use healthier skin care products but this year I really started to wear sunscreen as well drink plenty of water. The water thing was never intended as a healthy choice, I only wished to stop spending so much money on energy drinks each day but in the end it was a good choice to make because my skin has never looked better for it. Yay me!

2. I fell in love with wearing makeup

I always thought I missed the train when it came to finding make-up fascinating but that all changed this year. In the beginning I just wanted to find a suitable (chemically free) foundation to even out my skin tone and perhaps a nude lipstick but then I started experimenting with eyeshadows and other shades of lipstick and a new addiction began. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much money I have spent on something so frivolous but I can’t say I regret any of these purchases because I was supporting Australian owned companies.

3. Continuing on with my studies

I’m actually finding the more I’m involved in Engineering, the more I really, really love it. This year I have noticed a change in my behaviour at work – I’m far more energised and I want to learn more – and I know most of that is a reflection of my studies because the more I learn of this field, the more fascinated I become. It’s nice to be consumed by something so different to the daily grind.

4. Moving out of my comfort zone

I’m an introvert at heart and I do love to spend my time alone or with people who are familiar to me but this year I have made an effort to meet new people and to try different activities, such as the SES. I don’t necessarily need to be the life of the party (even when the attention is good I often don’t like it) but it’s always nice to be in different company and to talk to people who don’t know you too well. In these early days no-one has formed an opinion about you.


Well that’s it. Another year almost at an end and a new one about to begin. To all my readers and anyone else who stops by I’d like to wish you all the best for the new year ahead and may it include many happy moments. Cheers!

(Photo credit: Plentyofcolour)