Twas the night before Christmas…

It’s Christmas eve and I’m exhausted. Last night was our final SES training night for the year and although it wasn’t filled with activities we did end up staying out late because they put on Christmas nibblies and drinks for all the members so of course you feel obligated to stay for that. It was a good chance to hang out, have a laugh and talk about training for next year but by the time Mr X and I arrived home (and fell into bed) it was close to 11pm.

Today we worked until midday and knocked off for some more Christmas cheer in the form of the Engineer (and the Leading hand) cooking us steaks on the BBQ and providing all the maintenance crew with bread rolls and salads so we could make ourselves burgers.

I actually didn’t think the whole thing was going to come together because the girl at reception was meant to organise the food before she went on leave and she didn’t so the Engineer was forced to visit the shops today – on Christmas eve – to get it all himself. I didn’t realise how crazy the shops were until I received a text from Madam G around 10am.

“J and I visited Woolworths this morning and it was crazy! We arrived at 8am and there were people lining up outside waiting to get in! You would think it was the end of the world. All I could do was laugh!” 

When I heard this I was kind of amazed our boss even followed through with his BBQ idea. Most bosses wouldn’t of bothered.


So with all the Christmas parties and BBQ’s we have attended recently and the fact that Mr X and I don’t have any family obligations to attend tomorrow I’m quite looking forward to a quiet day at home, eating seafood, watching movies and spending quality time with people I care about.

How are you spending your Christmas?