Christmas Wishlist


1. Even though gold is not my colour I cannot resist wanting the new iPhone 5s in this shade. Gimme!

2. This African amethyst ring is very pretty.

3. Oh hell yes! – Lightning returns in a new PS3 game.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Perfume has been my signature scent for years and I’m almost due for a new bottle.

5. Billabong Golden Dayz Beach Bag for when I visit the beach and I need adequate space to store the stuff in my handbag (purse, eyeglasses, sunglasses, brush etc) as well as those beach essentials.

6. Nixon gunmetal velvet watch. Overly expensive (and honestly I’m not sure I could wear something worth so much on my wrist) but a girl can wish …

7. Hand & Body coco butter from MUSQ.

8. I’d love another pair of Ray Bans.