Just do it

So I survived my first week back at work and although it was an insanely busy time I didn’t mind it at all. I think I’m becoming better at prioritising my workload as well as handling stress. It seems the more the pressure is on, the calmer I become. Or at least that is how it is when I know how to fix the problem or know where to get the information to solve it but if I don’t then it bothers me. I like to know everything and not because I want to be a know-it-all but it’s handy to be helpful and see things get done quicker.

There has been a few hiccups whilst I was absent but nothing really to do with me. Just some items that are meant to be stocked on the shelf of the maintenance store not being there when Engineering needed them and finding out that there is a lead time of couple of weeks when they were ordered. It was easily remedied by sourcing these parts from the original supplier (at the request from the Engineer), but it could have been avoided altogether if someone had issued them from the system so a requisition was automatically generated for more.

I’m actually at a loss as to why issues (or at least the items on auto reorder) weren’t done in my absence. Sure I didn’t ask anyone to do them for me but they knew I would be away and every time they put a completed requisition into the folder, in my office, they would have observed my absence so shouldn’t someone have thought – Oh yeah, Miss Y isn’t here so I better make sure those items get ordered. Yeah – no.

Due to these problems as well the issues we have with urgent orders I’ve decided that if a parts order is handed to me personally and its urgent then I will place the requisition myself, ask my boss to approve it on the system and then I’ll pass it through to Stores/Procurement for a purchase order. So far I haven’t heard a complaint about it (and why should I when I’m saving them time?). At the end of the day I just want to make sure we have goods on site so work gets carried out. End of story.