The Recruit

(Photo credit: The Courier Mail)

Even though my life is quite busy what with work, Uni and now TAFE I’ve decided to make it that much more so by joining the local SES (State Emergency Service). As stated on their website, the SES is a volunteer based organisation that is designed to empower people to help themselves and others in the community in times of emergency and disaster. 

Basically I’ll be training in different courses such as land operations, flood boat rescue, working at heights etc so I can assist the community in the event of an emergency. Or at least I will be once I’ve been with the group for a little while. Right now Mr X and I are just learning the ropes and trying to get our paperwork finalised so we are all official and like.

The other night we piled into one of the SES vehicles, along with some other members and headed to the local fire station for training/information session.  It was only our second night of attendance so I sat quietly in the back listening to the conversation around me.

“So new recruits huh, what shall we do for initiation?” said one of the members jokingly. Mr X laughed.

“… there is nothing that you can do to me that hasn’t already been done to me as an apprentice..” and he regaled us with stories of what he had experienced in his youth. We all laughed and it broke the ice a little.

We didn’t get to do anything physical in this training session as it was more about showing us the firetrucks and all the equipment that we may need to know the locations of encase we have to assist a fire fighter in the future but it was interesting and we enjoyed ourselves.