Hungry eyes

(Photo credit: Skincareto)
(Photo credit: Skincareto)

Today is a good day. I’m not sure why exactly since I have this TAFE module hanging over my head and I feel completely out of my depth answering some questions but despite all that I’m completely calm and Zen. Must have something to do with this eyeshadow I am rocking today – I feel completely fab!

Now that I know how to somewhat apply eye-shadow powder I can understand the allure of collecting them in a variety of colours. I bought the Radiance palette from Zuii last week and I love them. My favourite is definitely the Moss coloured powder but I do like the Mustard coloured powder as well. Actually, they’re all really lovely but like anything you tend to have your favourites and these two stand out for me.

I’m opting for a subtle look today however and am wearing Inika’s Coco-motion and Honeycomb. I’m not sure if it is luck or pure ass but I’ve managed to apply it in such a way that I have this cool smokey eye look happening. I honestly thought a smokey eye would age my face and not enhance my eyes. Maybe this is due to the choice of colours and a little technique? I’m only surmising as much because I know if I dye my hair certain colours (such as jet black) it makes me look older. I’d understand if this was a similar case with eye-shadows.

For me I think this may be it for makeup purchases for the rest of the year. I have a nice selection of goods to use and although I want to add to it I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many choices.