Vacation required

(Photo credit: Wallpaperhi)

Work has been leaving me a little bit burnt out these past couple of days – so much so that I actually put in for some days off. I figured it was time after I became really irritated just because there were people sharing the same office with me – talking, laughing and being so loud – and the longer they lingered, the more I had to hold my tongue so I didn’t say anything untoward. Normally I can zone out those around me but lately I’ve been finding it really difficult to do so.

I don’t think it’s work itself which has brought this all on because I’m don’t feel stressed nor exhausted from the type of work that I do but I am a little bored at times and my brain needs to be engaged, hence why I signed up for more study.

Most of the time my brain is actively stimulated when I’m required to deliver information on assets for a breakdown or update CAD drawings but some other tasks are a little tedious. For instance I’m working on required stock levels for motors, gearboxes and gear motors that we use and whilst I’m at it I’m requesting item description changes (current descriptions aren’t adequate enough nor unified) so when the stores go to reorder these items they don’t have to ask me questions like kilowatt, frame size, ratio, flange size, etc. It’s not that I mind the questioning but it takes time for me to provide the store with the information and that’s not exactly a suitable practice. I want to reach a stage where all required maintenance items are on auto reorder so that I only need to check in with new items we need to keep or removal of items we no longer use.

But I’m in need of a break, some time away to recharge the batteries and although I don’t have any official plans for that time away from work I think I might go and get a massage – never done that before – and I hear the new Hunger Games movies is out soon too – definitely keen on seeing that!