Hitting the books, again

(Photo credit: Wallippo)

After putting it off as long as I could I finally got around to doing my taxes for the 2012-13 financial year. I was little nervous about it – hence why I waited till the week before the October 31st cut off date – because I knew that my HECS debt (a government loan you can use to pay your Uni fees when you simply don’t have the spare cash) would need to be paid back and I wasn’t exactly sure that I had paid enough extra tax to cover it. The accountant was great. With all the extra tax I did pay plus all the student claims I made I ended up just a couple hundred short of the bill. Sweet!

Now that I am (almost) officially debt free from student loans and I have no more Uni subjects till February 2014 I thought this would be a great time to visit the idea of doing some other study. Yeah I still have to pick up that Calculus book and I still have home projects that require attention but I honestly feel like my brain is turning to mush without the extra encouragement of a study deadline so I’ve enrolled in TAFE for a Certificate IV in Project Management. It’s basically what my job involves yet I think this certificate could give me an extra edge when requesting bigger/more important projects.

Project Management has always been on the cards for me. Ever since I enrolled in my Associate degree I always gave thought to what I wanted to do with it. I enjoy planning and organising tasks so a goal is reached and the thought of applying my love of planning with Engineering knowledge on big projects kind of gives me goosebumps.

I hadn’t planned on throwing myself into this Certificate so soon however as my first priority is my Engineering degree so when I asked for information and enrolment forms back in July I didn’t take it too seriously but now that Uni has wrapped up I’m finding it so easy to slip back into a routine of surfing the web and watching TV shows instead of studying my Calculus book. Something just had to change. So I enrolled today and as luck would have it I got into the course at the original cost (and not the new inflated cost thanks to TAFE merging with a local Uni). Weirdly I’m now interested in studying maths again and this has cemented in my mind that this idea is a good one.

Bring on my first module!