Pause and reflect

(Photo credit: CornerView.Me)

Since there are no more Engineering classes for the rest of the year I’m patiently waiting for my grade for my last course. I have already received my marks for assignments 1 to 3 – and I did fairly okay with those – but my final grade will be determined by all the quizzes I completed. There were twelve of those in total.

I’m hoping that I’ll receive a grading of either a Distinction or a High Distinction in my Energy & Electricity course. A HD would be fantastic though because this is the first subject I’ve done without any group assignments involved and so that HD, if I was to earn it,  would be 100% mine.

In some ways I’m pleased that there are no more Uni subjects for the rest of the year because when I am in study mode I do let it consume me. If I get stuck on a problem I will mull it over in my head and on paper and if I still can’t solve it I’ll sleep on it and start on it again as soon as I awake. I pretty much live and breathe my work and drive people nuts talking about it. On the other hand I miss it because of all the researching I get to do when taking on assignments and that sense of accomplishment when I have finished. I definitely love learning new things and studying opens up plenty of these windows for me.

Fortunately for me I have plenty of stuff to learn between now and next year because I want to tackle two subjects early next year – Tech Maths and CAD. I just know I am biting off more than I should be willing to chew but as long as I get a handle of basic calculus I’ll be OK.