With no more Uni for the rest of the year it seems I’ve got a tonne of time on my hands. I have projects I plan on taking on during this break as well as a calculus book I need to master but I honestly just wanted to go for a drive. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that on a whim and because Madam G wanted to hang out, I drove back into the city just to drag her along with me.

“…So….” I said as my friend closed the car door “…what do you want to do? Go to the shops, get something to eat or go for a drive to the beach?..”

“..Umm I don’t know, anything. ”

“Ok then. Let’s go to the beach!”

The beach is one of the my favourite places to go and before I moved out of the city I used to drive there every second weekend. I was never really interested in spending time in the ocean nor on the sandy shore,  instead I preferred to sit on the esplanade and soak in the lazy atmosphere whilst I stuffing my face with fish and chips. It’s also the perfect place to relax and chat about stuff you’ve never discussed before.

“… I was thinking about my dad the other day, it’s been a year since he passed away.”

I nodded silently. I always feel awkward when people talk about people who have died because I’m never sure whether they want to hear words of comfort or they just want to get something off their chest.

“..I was also thinking that he probably knows all the stuff I did now. Mum and I didn’t have the guts to tell him when he was alive but now he probably knows.”

Unlike me, Madam G was raised in a very religious family. Her father was quite controlling of her life and Madam G rebelled in secret whenever possible. This of course led to some incidences which would be deeply frowned upon by the religious community. Her life has been much more colourful than mine and as I listened patiently she proceeded to tell me how much more colourful.

“..I didn’t realise that this stuff had happened..”

“Really? I thought I had told you.”

“You probably did mention it but maybe not in great detail like you did just then.”

“Oh, ok. I was probably still worried about it and didn’t want discuss it.”

“Yeah that’s understandable..”

“…Hey..” Madam G suddenly piped up

“ you remember that guy who murdered all those local girls back in ’98? I swear one of those victims looked exactly like this girl who asked you for a smoke back then. Do you remember her? We had left one nightclub and we were heading to the other one… ”

Of course I didn’t remember the event nor the person in question, probably because it happened over 15 years beforehand, but that’s not to say that Madam G was wrong. Sometimes she can be creepily accurate.


“..Yeah I saw her picture the other day and I mentioned to John that she looked like this girl who asked you for a smoke. Juliet was with us at the time. Do you remember?”

“No, not really. The only things I remember clearly back then is drinking copious amounts of alcohol and Juliet loosing her virginity. I still can’t believe she slept with more guys in that first month than I had in my entire lifetime.”

Both of us burst out laughing.

Juliet used to be Madam G’s best friend, up until she caught the hussy in bed with her husband. She dropped the pair of them from her life soon after.

“Yeah those were the good ol days…”

“..running amok and having a blast..”