Just kickin’ it

Whilst most of my spare time lately has been consumed with Uni assignments and work book questions on the odd break time I’ve been squeezing in some other stuff just to keep me going.

One of those things that I’m really getting into is finding some nice outfits from my closet and because it’s now Spring (although the weather feels more like Summer to me), I’ve been smashing out the t-shirts, short-ish denim shorts and different pairs of Chuck Taylors. Normally I’m a 3/4 pants kind of girl but it’s been too hot for those and it’s too hard to find a pair of longer shorts which suit my body type (I can best describe it as “athletic” even though I need to work on being fit enough to pull it off).

(Photo credit: EmilyTamHandPainting)

I’m thinking of getting some short skirts to fill this gap in my closet. Not super short because I’m not 20 years old anymore (nor have I been for a while now) but long enough to cover the important bits plus a little extra for security.

I’m also getting into accessorizing these outfits and I bought this neat skull bracelet to add to my meager collection of jewellery.


On the makeup front there is nothing new to report. I really want some eyeshadows from Inika but I’m not willing to spend $25 a pot right now and lipstick – I’m not sure what colours to go for other than a nude shade. So I’m sticking to my basics during these warmer weekends which means Invisible Zinc tinted sunscreen, Inika Primer and Inika Mineral Foundation. The mineral foundation is new to my kit though and perfect for those hot days when my liquid foundation seems to melt from my face so it makes sense to use a powder.

At work however I keep my makeup to a bare minimum with just my tinted sunscreen. which is sufficient enough to keep the harmful rays way but with the added benefit of evening out my skin tone.