Roll with the punches

(Photo credit: Wallpapersus)

When someone tries to accuse me of something untrue or tries to make me feel bad about something I have accomplished, I don’t just bow out and let them think they have won. My instant reaction is to not outwardly react to their opinions, their judgement, their envy but to instead show them I’m a better person than they are. Which is why come Monday morning I was crouched at my bosses desk discussing thermal expansion formulas and my results of one of my assignment questions. I’m sure I was observed there but I didn’t give a rats.

“.. This question asks for the size of the gap after thermal expansion has occurred for materials A & B but I’m not sure if they want to know the area of the gap or the distance between material A and material B so I’ve calculate both …..any thoughts?”

The boss read the question and furrowed his brow.

“.. well it doesn’t specify either one..”

“Yeah.. my thoughts exactly but since it’s worth more points than some other questions I’m figuring there is some catch to it..”

It’s good to have the kind of boss I can discuss this sort of stuff with – not that I’ve had too many bosses in my working life but still I much prefer the type of person who will help you instead of the type of person who withholds information. God knows I work with some of those kind of people and like withholding information is going to help me do my job any less efficient. Yeah right. More than one way to skin a cat.

So I told my boss about the guy who commented about him (the boss) “helping” me with my assignments and this is why I was getting good grades and he naturally brushed it off. He knows what kind of information he gives me, just enough to steer me in the right direction but not enough to give me the answer, but I could tell that the accusation did piss him off.

What is really odd is this guy has been super nice to me lately – I’m thinking the boss said something or maybe just told him to shut his trap. Either way I still don’t trust the bloke as far as I can throw him but I know how to keep a professional working relationship even with people I dislike. Overall I’m just happy that no dumb rumour was started due to this guys jealous remarks. I sure would like to see him try to do Uni work and see how far he would get. Perhaps then he would appreciate what kind of effort is involved to study these Engineering subjects.