What did you just say?

I’ve been a bit quiet on the writing front this past week due to work and Uni committments but something happened yesterday at work which really pissed me off which I wanted to write about.

As I’ve previously spoken about I work in a male dominated field. There is no other female in my department and honestly it doesn’t bother me because most of the people I work with are nice people. They are there to their jobs and they don’t hold it against me that I am a girl but there is this one guy who has always treated me like I don’t belong there and most of the time I just ignore it because some people are just assholes or their have life stuff going on and don’t know how to separate the two but he made a comment yesterday which really pissed me off because for one, it was untrue and two, it wasn’t said directly to me but to another employee but I was in the room to hear it.

The conversation went something like this.

Him: “…Well if she graduates she will probably be on the same money as she is now…” (then he laughs)

Me: (turns around and looks at Him, whom has his back to me) “..What do you mean by if I graduate. I’m getting Distinctions and High Distinctions, I’m not simply passing.”

Him: (still with his back turned to me) “…well of course you are because you’re getting the boss to do your assignments for you…” (has another laugh)

Me: “.. Excuse me?! … I was asking the boss whether or not I was using the correct formula in the question. In fact I wrote down what I thought was the correct one. He’s not doing my assignments for me.”

Him: (still with his back to me) “……….”

So basically he is calling me a cheater and this is why I’m getting good grades – a completely false statement if I have ever heard one. It probably wouldn’t of pissed me off so much if he had of said this just to me but because it was said in front of someone else, someone with a very loose tongue I might add, I’m sure this will start a rumour at work. I believe this is exactly what he wanted to happen too because I swear he undermines me when I’m not around to defend myself.

I’m going to talk to my boss about it come Monday morning (unfortunately I didn’t see him before I left on Friday and maybe its good I didn’t because I was so angry about it that I might of lost it) because I’m not just going to sit silently by when someone calls me a cheat. I don’t give a rats ass who they are.