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All week I’ve been continuing with my energy & electricity assignment questions and I think I’m doing OK. I’m finding that this course involves numerous formulas and ensuring you apply them correctly lest your answers end up wrong but by the same token it’s easy to check them if you know how to – something I find quite reassuring because I like checking stuff.

Of course it hasn’t been easy – I think I wasted far too much time on understanding circuits when I had figured it out from the very beginning – but now that I have the formulas drilled into my head I can’t seem to forget them and when I’m at work, and I overhear Electricians talk their electrical lingo that they do, I can actually understand what the hell they are talking about which is just amazing.

Is this what it’s like when someone learns a foreign language and begins to understand the words without looking them up in a dictionary? I imagine it is because all these foreign concepts (about electricity) are starting to make sense in my brain when before it was just gibberish. Of course I have to keep referring to my course textbook – mostly to check I did indeed use the correct formula and when I’m explaining my reasoning to the lecturer – but most of the information is sticking in my head because I’ve found a way to understand it. That is the very key of succeeding in your studies – understanding.

Unfortunately I can’t sit around for too long marvelling at this new-found knowledge because Assignment 2 is due in a couple of weeks and I need to push through with finishing it this weekend so back to hitting the books I go.