Day one

(Photo credit: Tumblr)

One of the things that I did last month was download Day One free from the App Store. I mentioned a little while ago that I wanted to start writing in a handwritten journal again, to record more of my life from day to day, and although I did pursue this for a few weeks, it’s now fallen to the wayside.

I guess a handwritten journal was fine in my teens because I didn’t have a phone nor a computer to use so it was my only choice at the time.  But now that I do have a choice and knowing that I carry my phone with me pretty much everywhere, it was no big surprise that eventually I would resort to using it for journalling purposes. It just makes sense.

So I downloaded the app which was free at the time and I had zero expectations of it being of much use to me but surprisingly, I love it.

Out of 31 days last month I managed to write a total of 14 entries. Granted some of these were short and sweet but it still captured the essence of me – which is precisely what I want from my personal journal. The entries are not structured like a blog entry would be but more of exactly what I was thinking inside my brain at the time with no edits. It’s my own personal journal so I just write it like it is.


There is also an option to include a picture with each entry – something I have embraced the more I write and you don’t even have to mention where you are, what time it is or what the weather is like because it’s automatically inserted against the entry.

I’m definitely hooked.