Organic makeup haul

As you may know (if you read this entry) I’m currently on the hunt for some new makeup products to add to my bathroom shelves.

The truth is I’ve never had much of a collection and even though I’ve dabbled in some liquid foundation here and some mineral foundation there I’ve never settled on anything permanent. I think it’s because I hated how most makeup products felt upon my skin, oh and I also hated trying to match foundation with my skin tone because seriously who wants to walk around with streaks of foundation on their jaw line just so they can get out into daylight to check?

Lately however I’ve been really wanting to improve myself and to look a little more professional and because I don’t feel comfortable shopping in person for makeup – with sales assistants hovering, trying to push their products in your face! – I turned to the wonderful world of online shopping and stumbled upon Zuii Organics and Inika, both Australia companies.

From the beginning I was definitely after organic products. I already use Kora Organics for my daily/nightly skin care regime and it’s so fiercely expensive that I really don’t want to ruin it with products full of bad chemicals. So there is that and I also wanted to purchase – if possible – from an Australian company because I love the idea of supporting the country of my birth.

My first haul (gosh I don’t really think I suit saying that word but ok, whatever) I bought a lot of samples from Zuii Organics. It was hard for me to determine what liquid foundation would suit me from the pictures on their website and so I bought four samples (these were light rose, light beige, beige fair & natural fair), four samples of the powder foundation (ivory, creme, almond, macadamia) , two lipsticks (brown sugar and plum) and oh yeah, I bought a set of brushes because I’ve never owned any before and a few reviews said they were good.

Zuii Organic brushes
Zuii Organic brushes
Zuii Organic liquid foundation - L to R: Light rose, Beige light, Beige fair and Natural fair
Zuii Organic liquid foundation – L to R: Light rose, Beige light, Beige fair and Natural fair
Zuii Organics powder foundation - L to R: Creme, Macadamia, Almond
Zuii Organics powder foundation – L to R: Creme, Macadamia, Almond

As it turned out the Natural Fair was the one for me and I was quite surprised when I applied it onto my jawline and it immediately blended in. I also found the ivory powder foundation sample a good match and the two lipsticks were a nice compliment to my skin. However I hesitated to buy until I could find a nice organic primer to try it with and this is what lead me to Inika’s website.

Inika products
Inika products

I only meant to go there and purchase the pure primer (after reading a couple of reviews online) but left with the primer plus the eye makeup remover and another foundation sample – this time in beige. When the products turned up I couldn’t resist testing out the primer and the beige foundation on my skin straight away and was throughly impressed with the result because it was a pretty great match for my skin tone. I didn’t want to wash it off so I left it on and the next day – after cleansing my skin the night before as well as in the morning – I tried the Inika primer with the Zuii Organic foundation but it didn’t look as great as my previous days experimentation.

Don’t get me wrong the Zuii foundation is lovely – it’s soft, light and smells wonderful as well – but I don’t think it works well with the Inika primer at all. In fact it looked better without the primer. After washing it all off I reapplied the Inika primer, Inika beige foundation and Zuii Organic Ivory powder and was very happy with the result.

Apart from a good organic concealer I’m pretty much done my base kit so next I think i’ll experiment with eye make up.

Do you use organic products? What are your absolute favourites!?