One down, two to go

Submitting my final draft of an assignment always unnerves me a little.

On one hand it’s a relief to finally put one piece of the puzzle behind me – I’ve studied, I’ve researched, I’ve worked my ass off! – so I can focus on the next step in the process (and do the whole study, research and write up all over again!) but at the back of my mind I’m always worried that I’ve submitted the wrong version of my assignment (because I save one copy on the hard drive, the other on my dedicated USB so I can work on it if I get time at work) or I’ve misread the question so therefore have answered it incorrectly.

It’s normally an never-ending loop inside my brain of everything that may have gone wrong did go wrong, at least it is until I submit it for marking. It’s the perfectionist in me that needs this reassurance over and over again. The other side of my brain just doesn’t give a fig to be truly honest.

However I can stop thinking about that now because it’s out of my hands as of last night. Instead I have two more assignments I need to focus on – plus quizzes, plus a work book – so I won’t be short of nothing to do in the next few weeks. But right now – right at this moment – I’m enjoying the fact that I have no Uni papers hanging over my head until the beginning of September.

It’s a good feeling and one I truly appreciate.