Leaping ahead

(Photo credit: Simple life strategies)
(Photo credit: Simple life strategies)

The lecturer has had a change of heart on how to present the Energy & Electricity course to us – the students. Before she was only going to post our weekly requirements, on a weekly basis but after some consideration – and after listening to some of the student requests – she is going to make all the weekly information available.  Not sure when she is going to do this – I just checked online and still nothing! – but I’m hoping its way before next weekend so I can complete weeks 2 to 4 early.

I must admit I am very focused on getting ahead in this course. I mentioned a mini vacation I’m taking in the not so distant future and I would really prefer it to be a week and half without work as well as study.  Besides I’m not even sure if network service will be available at the place we are staying at because it’s an hours drive from a major city and if you’ve ever travelled in Australia you know that mobile services are up to shit when not near a city or at least a township.

Of course if I have to cram study in whilst I’m away than I’ll do it but overall it would just generally suck to not get an actual break, especially when there are plenty of other exciting things I could possibly be doing like shopping, theme park visiting and sight seeing.

When it comes to study are you the kind of student who likes to get ahead or do you cram it all in at the end?