The Go-Getter

(Photo credit: Kootation)
(Photo credit: Kootation)

Since starting my studies at Uni I’ve come to realise that I’m a self motivated learner. From the very first course I’ve leapt right into it, without even being asked to do so, and apart from some questions which required some clarification I don’t bother contacting the lecturer. Uni has taught me how to manage my own affairs, especially as an external student.

My last course I had minimal contact with the lecturer. It was a matter of “Here is your text book, here are your assignments and good luck with your studies”. Numerous students in the class were utterly outraged that they weren’t “taught” anything and that they were required to read the material to get their answers. I on the other hand didn’t bother arguing the point and thought I’d better just get to it instead of complaining about the situation. By the end of the course I found that I didn’t mind the lack of input from the lecturer (or lack of videos for that matter) because I enjoyed solving the questions asked on my own. I spent an ungodly amount of time on the internet, sourcing information from other avenues when I didn’t understand how a process worked and spent the rest of my time carefully perfectly my explanation of these processes in my assignments.

In the end I felt intensely satisfied when I received good marks in this course because I really felt I had given it my all and although my brain was exhausted by the end of term I felt the brain drain was worth it.

This course in Energy & Electricity is not at all like that. Each week we are to complete a quiz, workbook questions and study notes. Sounds simple really and honestly it is but the lecturer is only going to post this stuff on a weekly basis which ultimately means that there is no chance to get ahead a little – something I was hoping to do whilst I took a mini vacation for a week and half, later on this month.

And the assignments due throughout the term are not yet online and here I was planning on doing a little some of those questions each week and now I can’t. How annoying. Of course I’m going to ask about it because I can’t afford not to but it kinda bothers me that if the lecturer is going to all the trouble to plan our weekly activities (something I honestly wished she wouldn’t because it discourages people form planning their time themselves) that she didn’t include planning for the actual official assignments whilst she was at it.

All in all I really prefer it when I’m given the whole kit n’ kaboodle of course work so I can schedule it myself rather than have timelines dictated to me like a high school student. It better prepares you for the real world in a real job.

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