Can’t have it all

(Photo credit: Styleite)
(Photo credit: Styleite)

It seems to be an unspoken rule that when a few areas of your life are going well, there are others which appear to be somewhat lacking. I have plenty of things to be thankful for such as Mr X, my job and my family but the one thing I am missing from my life these days are close, female friends.

Mr X is my best friend. Most people assume that just because you have a partner that they are your best friend but I never felt that way until Mr X came along. With him I share everything – well almost because you do need some mystery in the relationship – and I believe he does the same with me.

But as much as I enjoy Mr X’s companionship at the end of the day he is still a guy and like most heterosexual men he is not interested in doing things like clothes shopping, experimenting with makeup and talking about fashion – and thank heck too! I on the other hand am a female who has recently become interested in all of the above but due to the lack of suitable company – read having no female friends interested in fashion stuff either – I’m figuring it all out on my own.

What an odd predicament.

I actually never thought I’d be interested in this stuff myself. I’ve always been a tomboy, I probably always will be but I’m enjoying trying out different things and perhaps finding my sense of style. I don’t think I’ll ever be a real girlie girl with false nails and eyelashes and high heels because it’s just not practical for me to go to that much trouble in the kind of work that I do but I do want to pay more attention to how I present myself to the world.

Anyway it all comes back to the kind of stuff that you would normally do with your close female friends and since I have a lack of those right now it’s sometimes becomes hard to ignore the fact.

But as I said before I’m very thankful for what I do have, it’s more than most and probably less than some but I’m okay with that. I’ve never expected to have it all and I’ll manage just fine regardless.