Slow and steady

I was thinking the other day how my degree is going to take at least another six years to complete and yeah, that kind of sucks. Six years is a long time to have your life tied up to a project – even if it is important and necessary one – so I have to keep reminding myself of the bigger picture and the reason I am doing this.


I need to remain in a decently paid job until retirement.

So far my lighter course load has paid off because some of the theory I learnt in Engineering materials can also be found in the Energy & Electricity course, and if I hadn’t of really of tried to excel in that class – and spent twice as long as others in study – then I wouldn’t feel as confident about this next course.

There are other students completing the same degree who are doing the exact opposite to me however. These students are taking two or even three courses per term – whilst working full time – and rushing/scrapping through with a passing grade. I guess that is fine for them but what does get me is if they cannot successfully research their assignments to get a better grade then how will they be in the real world with real world problems before them? Will they decided to scrap through that as well?

I don’t know about those other people but for me I want to do well in my studies as well as my job. I find it difficult to not to do so. So yeah I may have the pace of a tortoise right now – to get my bearings – but I’m sure it will benefit me – and others – in the long.