Painting and drinking do mix

paint tin and brush
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Mr X has been doing a number of jobs around the home these past few days and I for one am glad for it. We live in a very old house, which requires a lot of improvements to make it habitable and although we have the funds to purchase the necessary materials what we lack is the time to do it all at once.

The weekend that just passed was a long one for him however and I in true planner fashion decided that we needed to utilise this time to get stuff done. I wanted to paint the kitchen – using my good ole fashion muscle – and I needed Mr X to remove and install new lighting.

As soon as we arrived home from the hardware store we jumped right in with moving furniture, throwing down drop sheets and emptying paint into trays. Mr X handed me the paint-roller on an extension rod and off I went, slopping paint everywhere.

It was a bit of learning curve for me but in the end I did start to get the hang of using the paint-roller with minimal runs on the walls and I felt intensely satisfied to be carrying out actual physical labour on the house that I just wanted to do more and more.

I was feeling so good about it in fact that I started drinking lemon ruski’s on the go, which not only improved my painting (according to Mr X) but increased my humor levels to a point that I was giggling at anything and everything that we both said. We had so much fun painting that I was quite surprised when he announced that the undercoat was done.

Note to self – painting when intoxicated can be a good thing.