Math Revision

Photo credit: Tumblr
Photo credit: Tumblr

I’m studying Trigonometry this week – not officially, just revising some worksheets from the University.

So far the information has somewhat sunk in but I still need to look over formulas just to make sure I’m doing the equations correctly. It’s slow going but I prefer to get it right so I remember it then to push through to quickly and realise that not all the information has sunk in.

However I’ve got to go back and revise some algebra that I did about a month ago. I made the mistake of looking over some questions I answered back then and the steps I took to answer them just eluded my brain. I’m not sure if this is because I’m just too focused on some other type of Math that I cannot recall it or whether my memory has fled me completely but just encase I’m going to read it over to see if it jogs my memory.

I can’t let all my hard work so far go to waste!

The more  I work on these Math problems the more I realise that Tech Math is going to involve a lot of revision work. There is so much information to process and just as soon as I learn one section of the Math I’m jumping into different one and although it all flows into one another, there is just a lot of steps to remember.

I’ve also come to realise that the course textbook is completely useless to me as a learning aid but thank heck I’ve downloaded some great reading material from the University learning centre (it’s available to all enrolled students) otherwise I would be trawling the internet learning this stuff. The internet has definitely been helpful at times but I like how these books have been put together so you learn everything step by step with examples and test questions. I don’t have time to be stuffing around looking for examples of how to do stuff. I need all that energy in completing these questions.

What has also been helpful to me was the fact that I downloaded all my assignment questions when I first enrolled in the class and even though I dropped out later on I kept the sheets. I’m now using them to test my knowledge. Once I can easily answer those questions I’ll know that it’s time to reenrol into the class and I for one will be glad when that time has come.