Things iLoved about March


Understanding my limits and accepting them // Plugging my music playlist into my car and having the volume up so high the doors vibrate // Mr X cooking me dinner so I could spend time studying // The smell of percolated coffee upon entering the house in the afternoon // Relearning old math formulas I haven’t used in a while // Mr X baking me Pavlova (as above) even if it did thin out a little bit more than we would of liked // Half naked Klaus in Vampire Diaries – Swoon! // Reading a stupid load of books // Eating fish & chips at the beach

And finally some stuff I found on the web….

So many ideas flowing through your head – Which one do you go with?

The Hundred Dragons Elevator – Thank heck I don’t have to ride this one. Yikes!

Why Engineering? – I love all these reasons and so many more…