Better off now

It’s no big secret that Australia is an expensive country to live in these days. You only need to open up an Australian newspaper and you will find at least one story complaining about it.

I can remember a time when the dole check I received whilst I was actively looking for work was enough to cover my rent, my food, my bills plus a little extra on the side. These days that money would barely put a roof over your head each week.

However, there is one big difference between the time I was surviving on unemployment benefits to when I finally found/secured a full-time permanent job and that was the ratio of jobs to people. Ten or so years ago there were more people than there were jobs being advertised and now there are more jobs then there are willing Australian’s to fill them.

Of course back in the day – before the mining boom that is – things were a lot cheaper and more affordable. Rent on my home was around $100 per week, my food bill around $80 per fortnight and the quarterly electric bill was around $120. At the time I was single, living alone and unemployed. My government benefits may of been sufficient to cover these costs but on the downside I found it difficult to find work. These days however there is a mortgage of around $300 per week, the food bill of around $200 per fortnight and a quarterly electric bill of around $320. I live with my partner so our expenses are shared and we both work full-time, in jobs on a good hourly rate.

Overall the cost of living may of been affordable back before the boom-time but what was the point when the average person couldn’t afford to buy anything substantial – like a house – and was stuck in the endless renting cycle.

If I was to decide which scenario I prefer – cheap/affordable living, hard to get a job but getting a dole check each fortnight to live on or the situation I have now – then I would definitely prefer the later option.

Am I the only Australian that feels this way?


Painting and drinking do mix

paint tin and brush
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Mr X has been doing a number of jobs around the home these past few days and I for one am glad for it. We live in a very old house, which requires a lot of improvements to make it habitable and although we have the funds to purchase the necessary materials what we lack is the time to do it all at once.

The weekend that just passed was a long one for him however and I in true planner fashion decided that we needed to utilise this time to get stuff done. I wanted to paint the kitchen – using my good ole fashion muscle – and I needed Mr X to remove and install new lighting.

As soon as we arrived home from the hardware store we jumped right in with moving furniture, throwing down drop sheets and emptying paint into trays. Mr X handed me the paint-roller on an extension rod and off I went, slopping paint everywhere.

It was a bit of learning curve for me but in the end I did start to get the hang of using the paint-roller with minimal runs on the walls and I felt intensely satisfied to be carrying out actual physical labour on the house that I just wanted to do more and more.

I was feeling so good about it in fact that I started drinking lemon ruski’s on the go, which not only improved my painting (according to Mr X) but increased my humor levels to a point that I was giggling at anything and everything that we both said. We had so much fun painting that I was quite surprised when he announced that the undercoat was done.

Note to self – painting when intoxicated can be a good thing.

Beach day


They say change is as good as a holiday and although I’m in need of a damn good break I didn’t mind settling on a change of scenery instead.

On Sunday we headed down the beach to a location that neither Mr X nor I had been for a spot of fishing. I’m not a huge fan of this sport/recreation but I am a fan of listening to the waves crashing against the shore whilst daydreaming and fishing offers the perfect opportunity to just that. On one hand you can concentrate on trying to catch a fish on the other you can just stand/sit there, gazing off into the distance.

As the 4WD pulled up to the shoreline I was immediately caught by how picturesque this place was. Of course we weren’t entirely on our own and had to settle for a spot amongst some large pieces of drift wood – much to Mr X’s annoyance due to possible snags – but I loved it, thinking of all the photographic opportunities before me.

I set up my chair on the shoreline and Mr X offered me a rod and that was pretty much how we spent our afternoon – kicking around between lounging around, taking pictures and throwing in lines. I so wished I had of bought the banana lounge along for the trip. I would of happily fallen asleep laying underneath the afternoon sun.



Blogger Award


I received my very first blogging award the other day and I’ll be honest, I don’t write/blog to try to win awards but since someone was kind enough to nominate me (Thank you lellielieb) then of course I’ll accept it.

Firstly there are some rules to follow;

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website.

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Here are 15 blogs I enjoy reading, listed in no particular order of preference. I apologise in advance if you have already received this award and if awards are not your thing then feel free to not accept.

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Now 7 things about yours truly;

1. I eat breakfast foods (porridge, weetbix, crumpets, toast & tea) for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking a meal.

2. I “borrowed” a horse once when I was around 8 years old and rode it around the neighbourhood using a rope as a bridle. Surprisingly it didn’t bolt on me.

3. I spent majority of my high school years at the skating rink and as a result I can roller-skate (on quads) rather well and I can slide to stop myself.

4. I hate the Ferris Wheel. It goes up high, it goes too slow and I’m constantly looking at all the mechanisms that hold ride together wondering if human error will ultimately bring the whole thing down when I’m on it.

5. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures but it wasn’t until my father passed that I really embraced the art of photography. He was passionate about it and I like to think I’m carrying on his legacy.

6. I like the Twilight books. I know some people view the relationship between Belle & Edward as an unhealthy one but I think they just read too much into the story. If you want unhealthy relationship reading then pick up a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

7. I love the smell of vanilla. Often I’ll buy candles just because of that smell.

Math Revision

Photo credit: Tumblr
Photo credit: Tumblr

I’m studying Trigonometry this week – not officially, just revising some worksheets from the University.

So far the information has somewhat sunk in but I still need to look over formulas just to make sure I’m doing the equations correctly. It’s slow going but I prefer to get it right so I remember it then to push through to quickly and realise that not all the information has sunk in.

However I’ve got to go back and revise some algebra that I did about a month ago. I made the mistake of looking over some questions I answered back then and the steps I took to answer them just eluded my brain. I’m not sure if this is because I’m just too focused on some other type of Math that I cannot recall it or whether my memory has fled me completely but just encase I’m going to read it over to see if it jogs my memory.

I can’t let all my hard work so far go to waste!

The more  I work on these Math problems the more I realise that Tech Math is going to involve a lot of revision work. There is so much information to process and just as soon as I learn one section of the Math I’m jumping into different one and although it all flows into one another, there is just a lot of steps to remember.

I’ve also come to realise that the course textbook is completely useless to me as a learning aid but thank heck I’ve downloaded some great reading material from the University learning centre (it’s available to all enrolled students) otherwise I would be trawling the internet learning this stuff. The internet has definitely been helpful at times but I like how these books have been put together so you learn everything step by step with examples and test questions. I don’t have time to be stuffing around looking for examples of how to do stuff. I need all that energy in completing these questions.

What has also been helpful to me was the fact that I downloaded all my assignment questions when I first enrolled in the class and even though I dropped out later on I kept the sheets. I’m now using them to test my knowledge. Once I can easily answer those questions I’ll know that it’s time to reenrol into the class and I for one will be glad when that time has come.

Things iLoved about March


Understanding my limits and accepting them // Plugging my music playlist into my car and having the volume up so high the doors vibrate // Mr X cooking me dinner so I could spend time studying // The smell of percolated coffee upon entering the house in the afternoon // Relearning old math formulas I haven’t used in a while // Mr X baking me Pavlova (as above) even if it did thin out a little bit more than we would of liked // Half naked Klaus in Vampire Diaries – Swoon! // Reading a stupid load of books // Eating fish & chips at the beach

And finally some stuff I found on the web….

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