Bad day? Join the club

(Photo credit: Pacific San Diego Magazine)
(Photo credit: Pacific San Diego Magazine)

I had a couple of bad days this week and normally I’m great at pushing my personal feelings aside and getting on with it but for some reason I just couldn’t shake this feeling of hopelessness that had washed over me.

In the end it took the reading of a new book to help me shake my dark mood – it allowed me to sink into another world and thus forgetting my own for a time – but it got me thinking about what other people do when they are having a bad day and in turn are in a bad state of mind – how do they stop feeling miserable and hopeless?

I myself have a number of things that I use to combat these kinds of days and I thought I might share them here in hopes that others might share some of their own.

Go for a drive

I don’t know what it is about driving but it’s like my own personal bit of therapy for me. I enjoy spending time behind the wheel, especially with the music up loud and my favourite place to drive is along the coastline with waves crashing against the shore and the smell of salt in the air. I just feel instantly calm and happy.


I have a few choice books that I love to pick up when feeling blue. I find it comforting reading a story that I’ve read before because I know how it ends and there are no surprises ahead of me but when I need to really sink away from reality I’ll choose something I’ve never read and hope that it is interesting enough to allow me to forget my life for a time.

Keeping my mind busy

Often I’ll just overwhelm my brain with so much work that it has no chance to remember that it is miserable and I’ll do this by picking up different work projects or studying course work that I’m not familiar with.


Whether it’s going for a walk or a run I find doing some form of exercise improves me mood immediately. It also makes me feel like I have achieve something substantial with my time and haven’t just sat around, wallowing. I also get to do a little site seeing along the way and that often inspires me to write too.


I have a few choice artists that I like to listen to depending on whether I want to wallow in my own misery or shake myself back to happiness. Right now I am really loving Veiger Margeirsson’s album Rise Above when I’m in either of mood but when I want to be perked up I’ll listen to Gin Wigmore or Ed Sheeran or Baby Animals.


When all else fails to shake my bad mood I’ll then turn to gaming which will go one of two ways. Either I choose the game, which involves blowing stuff and imaginary people up, or I’ll decide on the one, which requires my brain to think and strategize. Usually if my mood is really foul the gun shooting ones are great to pick up but if I just want to be distracted then I’ll choose the game which requires my brain power to use it.

Having a bad day? How do you shake it?